One central command
to keep on top of things

Why choose CoreRetail?

One-Stop Solution for your front and back end needs.

Scalable. CoreRetail grows with you on your business journey, no matter how big you get.

Cloud-based and accessible whenever you need, wherever you are.

Sales and operations in one seamless platform

From storefront to back-office operations, CoreRetail has got you covered.

Leave juggling multiple apps and software behind. Effortlessly manage your multi-channel sales, inventory, bookkeeping and other administrative needs on a single CoreRetail platform.

CoreRetail also introduces smart automation to your business. Features such as auto-invoicing, auto stock replenishment and automatic attendance tracking ensure you can focus on what’s most important.

Keep track of your business
in real-time

Get real-time data visibility into your business like never before.

CoreRetail provides an intuitive dashboard for you to track sales, stock movement, KPIs, expenses and other key data you need at a glance.

All accurate, all in real-time. Start making data-driven business decisions and seize growth today.

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