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How Coastes Runs 4
Integrated Concepts
Efficiently Using CoreF&B

As a new and progressive leader F&B Management, CoreF&B provides a modern take on F&B management solutions and it has enabled us to achieve our goals in cost reduction, time and effort whilst at the same time providing us with realtime and progressive information and reports that are meaningful to us as business operators.


  • Having four profit centres, Coastes found it difficult to keep everything together.
    It made Coastes become less productive and efficient especially when it didn’t have access to meaningful data analytics and reports.


CoreF&B: FOH Solutions

  • Cash & Payment Management
  • eMenu & Ordering Solutions
  • Floor & Table Management

CoreF&B: BOH Solutions

  • Inventory Management
  • Recipe Management


  • HR Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Multi-store Management
  • Reports



Reduction in headcount


Cost savings


Productivity increase

  • Coastes was thus able to reduce headcount by two persons. Productivity increased as did staff morale.

The Story

If you are looking for a rustic charm and casual, breezy, and laid-back beach vibe restaurant offering delicious food and drinks where the sunbeds and deck chairs flow right to the water’s edge, Coastes has it all. Coastes is a Singapore based beach bar & restaurant situated along a golden stretch of Sentosa’s Siloso Beach. Its menu features kiddie favourites, burgers, pizzas, pastas, fresh seafood, local cuisine, desserts, ice cream, also beers and beach cocktails; making Coastes a family- and kids-friendly, and also popular among couples, youngsters, and adults. Having redeveloped into four concepts in one location, Coastes wanted both to have integrated and more meaningful reports and also wanted to be more productive and efficient. With four different profit centres, it became a challenge to keep everything together and to produce meaningful data analytics and reports. Coastes then approached Core360, hoping to help Coastes overcome its difficulties and become more productive and efficient. With Core360’s expertise and team with more than 50 years of industry-experience in F&B, Core360 was able to propose a tailored CoreF&B solution to manage Coastes’s overall operations, from front of house to back office. CoreF&B as a FOH solution resolved all issues with cash management, refunds and e-wallet requirements as well as table management and kitchen ordering. E-menu and pay at table solutions were quickly adopted by staff and enjoyed by customers. What was great is the seamless way it integrated into accounting reconciling daily revenue with banks, credit card merchants and inventory. CoreF&B’s BOH and office/HQ coverage comprising accounts, inventory and HR modules kept the movement of paperwork between outlet and HQ to a minimum and reduced costs in terms of manpower, logistics, stationery, time and effort. Inventory and recipe management became a breeze and the productive and efficient solutions met all of Coastes’ needs. Also, as CoreF&B was able to digitise all of Coastes’ purchase and invoice records, they stopped incurring storage costs for hardcopy evidence for audit purposes. Expense claims and leaves applications were now also submitted and approved electronically and records kept up to date directly in the system.

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